How To Copy Protect Online Courses Without A Website

SafeGuard Webmail is similar to webmail solutions that Gmail and Hotmail use, except that messages are most securely protected from all save, copy and sharing.

Authors can manage an unlimited number of subscribers, groups and messages that can only be accessed online, and while on display, are most securely protected from all copy. Each subscriber can be identified by their unique computer signature so that subscriptions can be locked to one or more computers (authors discretion), thus eliminating any chance of sharing passwords to gain access by unauthorized persons. Access can also be limited to OS and device type. For example if your organisation considers allowing access to mobile phones a security risk, then iOS and Android access can be disabled.

SafeGuard Webmail is ideal for team messaging or private tuition where privacy and security for intellectual property is paramount. All messages are accessed via an online mail client while using ArtisBrowser, a secure web browser specially designed to protect web content where all other browsers fail. Only ArtisBrowser can decrypt SafeGuard pages and messages. Normal browsers cannot read the pages and are redirected for ArtisBrowser download.

Messages are read on the SafeGuard server and nothing leaves the server except the notification of new messages (if required) to the recipient's usual email address.

A typical scenario might be where an author publishes a lesson or series of lessons, providing access to select subscribers or a subscriber group. Those messages can include all subscribers in that group for discussion between all users, or they can be kept one-on-one.

Messages can include all types of images, PDF and MP4 video. All message content including text and media files are most securely protected from all methods of copy and save.

SafeGuard Webmail is ideal for anyone who wants to distribute intellectual property most securely.

A website is not required to use this service. Online courses and lessons can be sold and managed from any computer via an email account or even a Facebook page.

For more info see SafeGuard Webmail.

To register a free 14-day trial account register here.

Author: William Kent
Date: 16th March 2023

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