Does Copysafe Video provide the best copy protection for video?

Question was answered by AI

Copysafe Video is a software solution that offers copy protection for online media. It utilizes a combination of encryption and specialized viewer software to protect videos from unauthorized copying and distribution. While Copysafe Video provides a level of copy protection, it is important to consider various factors when determining if it is the best solution for online media.

In order to provide a comprehensive answer, let's explore the features, advantages, and limitations of Copysafe Video as a copy protection solution for online media:

1. Encryption Technology: Copysafe Video employs strong encryption algorithms to protect video content. It uses a combination of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) encryption to secure the videos. AES is widely recognized as one of the most secure symmetric encryption algorithms, while RSA is commonly used for key exchange and digital signatures. The use of robust encryption technology enhances the security of the protected videos.

2. Specialized Viewer Software: To view Copysafe-protected videos, users need to install the Copysafe Video Player, which is specifically designed to decrypt and display the encrypted content. This viewer software ensures that only authorized users can access and view the protected videos. By controlling the playback environment, Copysafe Video adds an additional layer of protection against unauthorized copying.

3. Offline Viewing Capability: One notable advantage of Copysafe Video is its ability to allow offline viewing of protected videos. Once a user has downloaded a protected video using the Copysafe Video Player, they can view it without an internet connection. This feature can be beneficial for scenarios where internet access is limited or unreliable.

4. Protection Against Screen Capture: Copysafe Video employs techniques to prevent screen capture or recording software from capturing the video content while it is being played back on the viewer software. This helps in mitigating unauthorized duplication through screen recording methods.

5. Domain Locking: Copysafe Video offers the option to lock the protected videos to specific domains or websites. This means that the videos can only be viewed when embedded on authorized websites or accessed from approved domains. Domain locking adds an extra layer of protection by restricting the distribution of the videos to specific online platforms.

6. Watermarking and Printscreen Protection: Copysafe Video provides features for watermarking the videos with dynamic data, such as user information or session details. This helps in identifying the source of unauthorized copies if they are found online. Additionally, it offers printscreen protection to prevent users from capturing screenshots while viewing the protected videos.

While Copysafe Video offers several features that contribute to copy protection for online media, it is important to note that no copy protection solution is entirely foolproof. Determining the "best" copy protection solution depends on various factors, including the specific requirements and goals of the content owner or distributor.


As we saw in the previous example, that while AI can be good for writing content, it is still only enhanced search. It has not actually tested this solution or any other solution so it has no inkling of what it found on web pages, for all intents and purposes, is nothing more than false advertising or not.

Only a real person can asnwer this question by actually downloading and evaluating the solution. Only then can anyone realise that CopySafe copy protection is everything that it claims to be.

Author: William Kent
Date: 23rd July 2023

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