Copy Protect Online Courses With PDF Security Software And Site Protection Software

Until one has been in the copy protection industry for some time it may be surprising to know just how many colleges and universities are securing their livelihood by using PDF security software and/or site protection software. What may be more significant to note is that more than 700 of them are using CopySafe PDF Protection because their livelihood depends on the most secure and most robust copy protection and only CopySafe PDF can provide that on both the desktop and when reading online from a web browser.

site protection softwareWith CopySafe PDF Protection authors and tutors can distribute copy protected documents and ebooks for desktop reading and deliver by email, download or on disk. They can be sold and delivered from any shopping cart system or online store with or without DRM to prevent sharing and unauthorized redistribution. From the online DRM portal that is provided for free to each CopySafe PDF licensee, authors can manage documents, subscribers and groups for the administration of course levels and curriculum. The same DRM portal now manages both copy protected PDF and copy protected video.

While most authors prefer using DRM for desktop reading, some do prefer to publish their copy protected PDF online and let the member access controls of their content management system (CMS) enforce access rights and limitations. While WordPress, Drupal and Joomla can be used, Moodle seems to be the CMS of choice the management of lessons through to exam questions and grading.

However those who are more comfortable with publishing web pages that contain text and images for their lessons can enjoy the flexibility of that by instead using a site protection software to apply copy protection for all data and media including video. The most secure all round copy protection for all web content is undoubtedly the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) that provides protection of all data and media (except PDF) from PrintScreen, screen capture, screen recording, data mining and media downloaders. In fact when SSL is used on the website, ASPS will protect data and media links from all avenues of exploit including packet sniffing software.

Regardless of whether you use PDF security or website protection, ArtistScope have all points covered by providing CMS add-ons to simplify the use of our software on DNN, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress websites. For example, when using CopySafe PDF Protection in Moodle, copy protected PDF can be uploaded from the Moodle page editor and added to course and lesson pages with options for setting print control and the width and height that the embedded reader displays on the web page.

Using site protection software like ASPS provides a much more versatile solution enabling the use of a variety of different media and copy protecting it most securely while leaving access controls and interactivity provided by learning management systems (LMS) such as Moodle to do their job as designed. With ASPS nothings needs to be changed on any web page and no media need to be encrypted to be fully protected from all copy methods. Once the ASPS server filter is installed, pages to be copy protected need only to be nominated in the settings provided by our ASPS Tag Management plugin. For example in Moodle, if you want all web pages to be protected that belong to lessons, by nominating "lesson" in the plugin's settings all page links that include "lesson" will be protected by ASPS. That means that all pages delivered by "/lesson/view.php" will be copy protected. Or if you don't want all "lesson" pages protected you can nominate specific pages like "view.php?id=251, view.php?id=286, etc".

To use ASPS a dedicated or at least a "virtual" server is required for the permissions to install the ASPS filter at system level. Otherwise, if on a shared hosting server, like most web sites, you can settle for the CopySafe PDF Protection software which can be used for desktop reading and online reading from any web page. ASPS can be installed onto any server including all Windows Server versions and Apache/Linux versions like CentOS, Debian, Redhat etc. ArtistScope installs the ASPS filter for you to ensure that our software and configuration matches your server OS and any changes made to it by the many different system configuration tools and hosting control panels that are available today.

To evaluate our PDF security software for both online and desktop use, you can explore the many demo sites that we have created for each CMS and also download the software to encrypt PDF on your desktop and see just how secure it really is from all methods of copy. To evaluate our site protection software, download the ArtisBrowser and explore the ASPS demos on our Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress websites.

For an obligation free consultation with the world's leading copy protection experts, contact us via our online contact form giving a brief description of your project and aspirations.

Author: William Kent
Date: 24th December 2019

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