Can Image Protect Software And PDF Protection Software Prevent Download?

Can image protect software and PDF protection software prevent downloads by web browser extensions and web browsers like the UC browser which apparently is most popular in some Asian countries for its capacity to locate, download and manage media found on web pages?

The use of real image protect software like the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS), CopySafe Web or Secure Image will prevent downloads for sure because with ASPS, downloaders cannot be used and the UC browser is not allowed access that is reserved for the ArtisBrowser which is a secure web browser specially designed to protect web data and media. Both CopySafe Web and Secure Image uses encrypted images that are domain locked and cannot be displayed away from the owners web site, so trying to download those images will be a waste of time for all concerned. However while viewed using the ArtisBrowser there is no option to install add-ons and there are no options for save, copy or screen capture web content at all.

PDF security softwareBut if the web pages are protected by one of the many image protection and content protection plugins that are available for CMS like WordPress, then they will not be protected from download at all. Those plugins are falsely advertised and lead people into thinking that by disabling the right mouse click option of the mouse, that images and media can be protected... a simple page save will collect everything on the page in any web browser. As for internet download manager plugins (IDM) that are available for all web browsers as add-ons and extensions, only a fool would think that their simple no-right-click plugin is going to prevent or even slow down the download of their images and media.

Why are there so many brands of CMS content protection? Well, for their makers it is quick and cheap advertising. CMS plugins are usually provided as open source and it is not difficult to plagiarize and repackage such plugins under a new name. Then by promoting an add-on that helps people steal web content for free, they draw attention to it and themselves for whatever is their real business.

In fact, apart from the three solutions mentioned above, almost every other solution offered as image protect software or PDF security software that can be displayed online is totally useless for preventing download of the media. Among those solutions you will find methods for splicing images, using a protective overlay, hiding an image in a Java applet, and so on, which are all useless in preventing their download by web browser add-ons and browsers like the UC browser which are designed specifically for the download and collection management of web content.

How do such downloaders work? Well anything that is displayed on a web page needs to be linked to its location for delivery to the web browser. And contrary to the misconception that when reading online that the content is not downloaded and saved, everything on the web page is downloaded and saved to the web browser cache before it can be displayed and read on the user's desktop. That means that by disabling right menu click or hiding content in applets or under an overlay is a complete waste of time. Even if content like images and PDF use links obfuscated by scripting in the HTML or if the HTML itself is encrypted by JavaScript, again it is complete waste of time because today's downloaders retrieve the content from the browser's cache where it has already been saved.

For real copy protection of web content you need to use real encryption that cannot be easily dissembled like JavaScript is. The media needs to at least be encrypted so that only a proprietary reader or browser can decode it and display it the desktop, or better still, maintain that the data delivering the web page and media to the browser cannot be intercepted, nor extracted from browser cache or memory later. And that is why the ArtisBrowser when used with the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) provides the most secure copy protection for web content that has ever been imagined.

ArtistScope has been developing copy protection software since they first invented it in 1998 and has listened to the disbelievers, the "web is meant to be free" advocates, and all of the self-acclaimed web experts knocking web protection with what can be quite creative "what if" scenarios. Well ASPS caters for all of the "what ifs" that have ever been tendered.

So if you have mission critical data, PDF or images, and need to protect your livelihood, look no further than the website protection software and PDF protection software that ArtistScope has to offer.

Author: William Kent
Date: 8th August 2019

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