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Copy protect web data and media using the most secure web browser.
Check Referrer Add-on for ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)

ASPS Check Referrer

The ASPS Check Referrer module controls access to protected sections of your web site. This add-on is available for all popular CMS such as DNN, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress.

How It Works

This plugin restricts access from outside links (referrers) by IP address and/or domain name. It can be used to allow access from nominated IP addresses or domains of the referrer.

  • Restrict referrer access by IP address and/or domain name.
  • Allow access to referrers by IP address and/or domain name.
  • Specify which pages are to be protected using full link.
  • Specify which sections to be protected by name or part thereof.
  • Admin account is exempt from rules for proof-reading and testing.

Although designed for general use by CMS sites, this plugin is recommended for use by ASPS Protected Hosting clients to restrict access to web pages intended for copy protection.


To test this add-on as an ordinary user you need to use a non-admin account.

Downloads and Demo

Online Evaluation

Please create a DEMO account for ASPS Protected Hosting at asps.artistscope.com

Download the Modules

These add-ons will enable you to add the ASPS Check Referrer to your site or CMS:

   ASP Download  2 Kb 
   PHP Download  2 Kb 
Drupal module for Check Referrer  Drupal Module Download  49 Kb 
Joomla extension for Check Referrer  Joomla Extension Download  48 Kb 
Moodle plugin for Check Referrer  Moodle Plugin Download  48 Kb 
WordPress plugin for Check Referrer  WordPress Plugin Download  48 Kb 

* Click to view the WordPress Tutorial video on YouTube.

Check Referrer Licensing

The ASPS Check Referrer add-on is provided for free and without warranty.

Frequent Questions and Answers

Are all browsers and OS supported?


Can this add-on be used for non-ASPS web sites?


Can Check Referrer be used in CMS like WordPress?

Yes, we do provide modules for Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress.

Can the Check Referrer be used on any web site?

Yes, but only by writing your own custom code based on similar CMS add-on methods.

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ASPS Check Referrer:

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The following features are optional and configurable for each page:

  • Copy protect all media
  • Copy protect exams
  • Copy protect Flash
  • Copy protect images
  • Copy protect JavaScript
  • Copy protect lessons
  • Copy protect movies
  • Copy protect PDF
  • Copy protect source code
  • Copy protect surveys
  • Copy protect text
  • Copy protect teaching
  • Copy protect tutorials
  • Prevent all copy
  • Prevent all save
  • Prevent cache memory
  • Prevent drag'n'drop
  • Prevent printing
  • Prevent Printscreen
  • Prevent remote view
  • Prevent right click options
  • Prevent screen capture
  • Prevent screenshots
  • Prevent screen recording
  • Prevent view source
  • Prevent virtual capture

Copy Protect Media Disks
Copy Protect PDF
Copy Protect Video
Copy Protect Web Pages
Copy Protect Web Site
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