ArtisBrowser Changes and Revision

The current release of ArtisBrowser is version 27.9.5

2019-05-20 Version 27.9.5 includes CopySafe Video 4.0 support.
2019-01-03 Version 27.9.4 fixes "remote" translation bug and prevents data extraction from memory.
2018-09-05 Version 27.9.3 includes HTML5 video support for all Windows versions since XP.
2018-01-31 Version includes support for all CopySafe solutions.
2017-01-06 ArtistScope Browser includes options for supporting the APM Reader.
2015-03-05 ArtistScope Browser version 2.0 is released for use with all websites.
2013-08-25 ASPS Web Reader name changed to ASPS Web Browser to avoid confusion.
2013-06-24 ASPS Web Reader version released with WMP detection fix.
2013-06-18 ASPS ISAPI module revised for Windows 7 32/64-bit and Windows Server 2008 R2.
2012-12-12 ASPS Web Reader version released for Windows 8.
2012-08-05 Upgrade for ASPS server filter on Linux servers supporting WordPress, Drupal, Joomla & Moodle.
2011-04-28 ASPS and the ArtistScope Web Reader launched to view copy protected web sites.