Secure Copy Protection Web Browser

About ArtisBrowser

ArtisBrowser is the only web browser specially designed for and dedicated to the protection of web media. When used in conjunction with the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) a secure tunnel is created between a website and the site visitor in which nothing can be copied or extracted, not even from browser cache or memory.

Why use ArtisBrowser?

Copy protection needs to be actioned at system level and since 2015 all popular web browsers dropped support for ActiveX and NPAPI browser plugins making them totally useless for copy protected websites. While that may seem to be an inconvenience, it is actually a blessing because site owners can no longer make compromises that undermine their web security. Popular web browsers have always been purposely designed to collect and exploit web media. They have also been inconsistent and provided unstable platforms for mission critical projects.

ArtisBrowser was first released in 2011 and was already proven in the field before the other browser makers decided to support simple plugins (add-ons) suitable for mobile devices. The early versions of ArtisBrowser were limited for use on ASPS websites only, but since support was dropped for the browser plugins used by the CopySafe copy protection solutions, ArtisBrowser has been extended to cater for all web content and function like any normal web browser, that is, until it switches to "protection mode".

Some features not provided by other web browsers:

  • All media is protected from all copy techniques.
  • Data can't be extracted from cache or memory.
  • Unique user identification for access rights (DRM).
  • Inbuilt support for 25+ languages.
  • Supported on all Mac and Windows OS (inc. XP).
  • Supports HTML5 on all OS inc. Windows XP*

* Windows XP is dated before the advent of HTML5 so it never supported HTML5 video. Usage stats show that 3-5 % of users are still using XP and why that is so can be due to privacy concerns and that the cost of upgrading may not be an option while it is not broken. For example some corporate and industrial networks can have 1,000s of  computers and upgrading to a newer version of Windows requires new computers. So while they are within a protected network, why pay a million dollars?

Who maintains ArtisBrowser?

ArtisBrowser was developed by and is currently maintained by the team at ArtistScope, who are the leading developers of copy protection and DRM solutions. In fact it was ArtistScope who invented the first image protection for the Internet in 1998, and have since developed solutions for all media. The ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) can be installed on all Linux and Windows servers to provide the most secure copy protection for all website data and media that has ever been imagined.

Why ArtistScope Site Protection Software?

Firstly, the ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) is incomparable. There is no other solution like it. ASPS delivers encrypted web pages to the ArtisBrowser that cannot be decrypted by any other means. Other web browsers don't even get to see the encrypted content and not even packet sniffers can extract any useful information. Only when the ArtisBrowser validates its request is the encrypted delivered, which ArtisBrowser decodes and displays according to embedded tags governing copy, save, print, remote viewing and device tolerance. For example some pages can be allowed to print and site owners control which devices can access their content, even though they may be using ArtisBrowser.

Site owners have total control over who can access their web content. Each user can be identified uniquely enabling users accounts to be locked to devices so that accounts cannot be shared or hacked. Site owners can also disallow devices that may be considered insecure. For example the site owner can allow or disallow Windows, Mac, iOS and Android depending on the level of security that they require... mobile devices have many limitations and consequently may not be as secure as Windows. Mobile devices are also unstable and prone to changes and updates.

Test Drive ASPS Copy Protection

ArtistScope provides many online demonstrations of ASPS being used in all popular CMS such as WordPress, Moodle, Drupal, Joomla and DNN. But if you want to see how your web site can be copy protected and how effective that protection can be, check out this ASPS Mirror where any web page can be scraped, even remotely, and delivered from an ASPS server as a copy protected page.

For more information about data and site protection please visit the ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) website for info and online demos.

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