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ArtisBrowser User-Guide

Activation Error

On Windows such errors can occur when trying to access an ASPS protected web page and there is a problem with the CopySafe Service, in which case run Diagnostics from the browser tool bar to check of CopySafe is running. If not you may have to re-install using Run as Administrator for the installer, starting the ArtisBrowser using Run as Administrator, or disabling your anti-virus and re-installing.

Another possible cause is that you may be running from a virtual partition and the site owner has not allowed "Remote View" in their page settings.

Browser Compatibility

Some services like YouTube may be posting warnings that your web browser support will finish soon. Don't be alarmed because it is not related to browser version. ArtisBrowser is a little known web browser and not one commonly supported by any web developers other than those you create "copy protected" web sites. However to access services like YouTube you can adjust the user-agent in Preferences, look for "Firefox compatibility".

Critical Failure

Your computer is missing resources that are provided via Windows updates. For example, this error is typical when running on newly installed Windows without updates. Please ensure that your computer has the latest Windows updates.


ArtisBrowser needs to be installed using the installer as provided by ArtistScope. Installers not authenticated by ArtistScope code signing should never be used. ArtisBrowser is not "portable" and will not run from a USB. Only by using the certified installer provided by ArtistScope can you be assured that the browser and its supporting services have been installed properly. In all instances, when installation, right-click the installer EXE file to run the installer using "Run as Administrator:"

Mac Not Allowed

Website owners have the option of allowing Windows and/or Mac ArtisBrowser. If Mac is not allowed then either the site owner has decided that Mac users should not be allowed, or that the site needs to be updated as the Mac version was only released in September 2020. If that poses a problem, please contact their webmaster.

Modules Validation Error

The browser components are compromised. This means that integrity checks of vital components have failed. Check that the browser has not been affected by anti-virus or security system security checks. If in doubt, re-install ArtisBrowser from a fresh download to ensure that you do have the latest version.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing from virtual partitions (VMs) like those created by VirtualBox and VMware may or may not have been allowed by the site owner. If that poses a problem, please contact their webmaster.

Silent/Remote Installation

While the installer can be run in silent mode, it is not recommended because no indication will be given of errors that may have caused the install to fail. To allow an install to be run in silent mode (no screens or dialogs), pass "/S" on the command line. For example:  "C:\output\setup.exe" "/S"

It is not recommended to deploy this installer across a network and install remotely because most deployment solutions fail to pass on full administrator rights throughout the procedure. To ensure that the Windows service is installed properly we strongly recommend that installation be performed manually so that a person can interpret an error message, especially when updating an existing installation because if the browser is in operation then some components will be in use and thus impossible to update. The only remote deployment solution that has been reported as being successful is the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

Please test deployment to one computer and check that the Reader runs properly.

Website Configuration Error

This usually means that the website has a error in their web page that caused decryption to fail. Such errors can occur due to bad coding and unclosed HTML tags. Please notify their webmaster with the page link.

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