Copy Protection and DRM

ArtistScope introduced copy protection to the Internet in 1998 and has since provided the most secure solutions on the planet for all media.

There is no one solution for all media but different solutions are available for different file types. Selection can be confusing, even to experienced web designers, many of which still consider it impossible to properly protect web media. For free consultation you can use the email form at the bottom of this page to describe your project, providing as much information as possible including the file types used and your desired method of delivery to your subscribers.

Copy Protect Options

Depending on your scenario, some or all of these options may be possible:

  • Prevent all copy and PrintScreen.
  • Prevent or limit number of prints.
  • Limit reading to number of visits.
  • Expire by calendar date.
  • Expire by hours/days from first use.
  • Computer lock - cannot be shared.

Copy Protect Scenarios

Some solutions commonly used by both small companies and large corporations:

Copy Protect PDF and Ebooks

Distribute ebooks for display in our desktop reader or view online in our web browser. Desktop reading is more versatile and thus more popular because documents can be delivered by email, download and on disk while most securely protected from copy and sharing. Total control management with immediate effect on any changes made.

To evaluate CopySafe PDF you can download the software and create a demo DRM account.

Copy Protect Web Media

Any type of media that can be displayed on a web page can be copy protected while viewed using our web browser and one of our web protect solutions. Install ASPS on your web server or host your site in our protected ASPS mirror. Any type of website can be copy protected in our mirror.

Free add-ons are provided to use these solutions with Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, Nuke and WordPress.

Copy Protect Offline Media

Distribute media protected from copy and sharing even while not connected to the Internet. DRM can be applied by the use of offline tokens while still locking the media delivered by email, download or on disk, to your list of privileged subscribers.

  • DRM Protect Images - distribute for offline viewing.
  • DRM Protect Flash - distribute for offline viewing.
  • DRM Protect Video - distribute for offline viewing.

ArtistScope Portable Media (APM) software is free to use. However the DRM service for managing offline tokens requires authors to subscribe on a monthly basis.