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Digital Rights Management (DRM) for eBooks and PDF documents
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  Software Price License type Product info
[  ArtistScope Portable Media Free More info 
[  ArtistScope Site Protection (ASPS)   $495        Per server More info
[  CopySafe PDF   $295       Per author More info
[  CopySafe Video   $295       Per site More info
[  CopySafe Web   $295       Per site More info
[  CopySafe DRM Server for PDF    $1,190       Per server More info
[  APM Token Management POA Subscription More info
[  Domain Name Management POA Subscription More info
[  Hosted DRM Service for PDF POA Subscription More info
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Licensing for ArtistScope software is not limited by support contracts or periodic renewals. Support to all clients is ongoing and free. The services provided to your end-users for plugin and reader downloads are also free. However, you always have the option of providing downloads from your own website.
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ArtistScope Portable Media
ASPS Site Protection
CopySafe PDF Protection
CopySafe Video Protection
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