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Code Snippets For Webmasters : No Drag'n'drop

Disable Drag'n'drop

There is a code snippet to disable drag & drop and increase security. This code will prevent mouse-dragging of images from a web page onto the desktop.

Drag-and-drop describes the action of selecting an image on a web page with the mouse and then click-dragging it to desktop. Drag-and-dropping is one of the many methods that are available for copying images from web pages.

Use copy and paste to get this code or you can use the download link below:


This page can be tested. Try left-clicking the mouse on an image to drag to the desktop.


The code above gives an example of exactly how it should be used.


Do not count on this method to stop copying. To properly prevent copying, you need control at system level such as that provided by the CopySafe PDF Reader or CopySafe Web solutions.


Click to download No-Drag'n' (1 Kb)

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