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11.0 Content Management System (CMS) Modules

CMS Modules for CopySafe Web

These add-on modules enable the insertion of CopySafe Web encrypted images into CMS posts and pages with "shortcode". The resulting embedded image object is supported in popular web browsers across all Windows computers since XP.

DotNetNuke Extension for copy protection DotNetNuke Module  More info 
Drupal module for copy protection Drupal Module  More info 
Joomla Extension  More info 
Moodle module for copy protection Moodle Plugin More info 
WordPress Plugin  More info 


CopySafe Web can be easily added to any pages or posts created by these CMS. By adding a CopySafe Web encrypted image to a web page using these add-ons, the object code and scripts to activate copy-protection are very much simplified.
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