When To Use PDF Security Software And Site Protection Software

PDF security software and site protection softwware can not only protect your PDF and site media, but it can also prevent the extraction and corruption of database records. ASPS requires that site visitors use the ArtisBrowser web browser. Because ASPS web pages are encrypted there is no way to submit a request to an ASPS page except via the ArtisBrowser.

How DRM Improves The Security Of PDF Protection Software

While PDF protection software can provide the most effective copy protection, preventing all methods of save, copy and print, those protected PDF documents can still be shared and redistributed without authorization unless access rights to open the protected document can be controlled.

ArtistScope Provides The Most Secure Web Copy Protection Software For All Media

No other web copy protection software can be as secure because they are limited by the lack of support that normal web browsers provide. Consequently, only the ArtistScope solutions that are using the ArtisBrowser can effectively prevent all methods of copy.

How To Copy Protect PDF With Site Protection Software

When copy protecting PDF displayed online, one has the choice of using PDF protection software or site protection software. In both cases the PDF file is embedded on the page using an object tag to be read using a web browser. But there are some quirks to be aware of.