How To Create A Secure Mail Service Using Site Protection Software

Setting up a secure mail service is quite easy to do when incorporating a suitable website protection software. By using the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) with your customized WebMail solution you can have the most secure mail service imaginable.

Copy Protection plugins updated and verified for Moodle version 3.7

Copy protection plugins for Copysafe Video, Copysafe Web and CopySafe PDF have been upgraded and verified for Moodle version 3.7. These plugins rnable the upload andf addition of copy protected media from the Moodle page editor.

ArtisBrowser version 27.10 is released

ArtisBrowser, the secure web browser that makes copy protection of web sites possible, has been upgraded wityh new and improved security features to better cater for all copy and capture threats. When used with ArtistScope Site Protection, website owners can edepend on the most secure web protection imaginable.

Copy Protect PDF With DRM To Prevent Sharing

There are many different methods that can be employed to copy protect PDF, and their effectiveness varies among them. Some methods can be used to prevent copy and plagiarism of the document contents.