Most Secure DRM Protection Plugin For WordPress

DRM Protection for WordPressSafeGuard DRM is a WordPress plugin that provides the most secure DRM protection and access rights control to WordPress pages and posts, preventing sharing and unauthorised access by locking token usage rights to a user's device.

Most Secure Copy Protection Plugin For WordPress

SafeGuard Media is a WordPress plugin that provides the most secure and most effective copy protection for WordPress pages and posts, making them safe from all copy including PrintScreen, screen capture and many other exploits that many are unaware of.

How To Copy Protect Online Courses Without A Website

Online courses and lessons can be sold and managed from any computer via an email account or even a Facebook page. SafeGuard Webmail is similar to webmail solutions that Gmail and Hotmail use, except that messages are most securely protected from all save, copy and sharing.

Are Popular Web Browsers Good For Copy Protection?

The short answer is NO. Popular web browsers are absolutely useless for copy protection. But there are copy protection services available for use with popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. These services are popular with many web designers and site owners but only because they are naive.