Secure Sharing With Image Protect And Website Protection Software
By posting any media such as images, documents and video, you are literally sharing it with the public for anyone to freely use and redistribute without limitation. But image protect software and website protection software can be used to limit and even prevent all such exploitation and provide control over who can share that media and data, and also control how and when.
PDF Protection Software And Website Protection Software For Drupal CMS
Using PDF protection software and website protection software in Drupal is now greatly simplified. As with any well designed CMS, they are easy to use to quickly create web pages, but almost impossible to customize without the availability of a plugin or extension that is properly designed and compatible with the core functions of the CMS. Drupal extensions are available for al CopySafe solutions.
How To Protect Data And Email Using Website Protection Software
To protect data and email messages in different scenarios you can use either PDF protection software or website protection software. For data and messages read online from a web site, namely from a web page, site protection software can be used to limit and prevent copy, printing and user access by using the ASPS site protection software.
How To Manage Inhouse DRM For Your PDF Security Software
While PDF protection software may be promoted as including DRM capabilities, at best, those DRM services will be provided by the vendor and out of your control, which may not be an ideal situation for larger corporations, especially those utilizing PDF security software within their corporate networks employing a restricted Internet policy or kept wholly as an intranet service.
How To Setup A Secure CDN For Media Using Website Protection Software
For those with several websites that use the same media such as images, PDF and video, setting up a Content Delivery Network (CDN) has numerous advantages, including an increase in page speed required for SEO, more easily managed media, and the opportunity to use website protection software that can be shared by all of your websites