How To Protect Website Images. What Are The Best Image Protection Software For Websites?
In this article we look at the many different methods of copy protecting images online rated from 1 through to 10 which provides the best protection. Some employ simple tricks while others require image protect software. Some methods merely offer a mild deterrent while others can effectively prevent all copy.
Are Your PDF Files Secure? 6 Ways To Protect PDF Files From Unauthorized Access
In this article we will look specifically at web copy protection software for PDF and preventing unauthorized access and the options at your disposal for maintaining control over who and when users can open your PDF document. Only some options will be available to PDF without DRM. But all options will be available when DRM is applied to the PDF document.
Tips For Protecting And Defending Your Online Content
The owners of content like graphics, stories, videos and tutorial documents do not publish their content online for it to be freely distributed when it has cost a small fortune to create. To recoupe their investment they need to ensure that it is not freely distributed and publish their works on the condition that they are pay-to-see.
How does a new website protect its content and web images from copycats?
The ultimate choice for website copy protection software has to be the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) for its end to end security and ability to prevent all copy including PrintScreen and screen capture software. When using ASPS all you have to do to add copy protection to any web page or section, is nominate a keyword that is common to those pages or section.
Is there a way to stop people right clicking and saving my images in the gallery?
Preventing right-click mouse actions for save and copy is extremely easy, as is evident by the plethora of image protect software that is now available based on simple "no-right-click" JavaScript. And while it may work in most web browsers, it does not prevent any other methods of download, save or scraping of images.