Is there a way to stop people right clicking and saving my images in the gallery?
Preventing right-click mouse actions for save and copy is extremely easy, as is evident by the plethora of image protect software that is now available based on simple "no-right-click" JavaScript. And while it may work in most web browsers, it does not prevent any other methods of download, save or scraping of images.
What Is The Best Image Protect Software For Online Images?
What is the best and simplest way to protect your online image and what is the best image protect software for online images? The basic requirements that we have established so far are encryption and a means to domain lock the image so that it cannot be displayed on other sites.
How Do You Secure Your Website Using The Best Hacker Protection Advice?
The reasons for hacking a web site can be many, ranging from malicious damage by competitors to simply adding content to your web pages as link juice for SEO ranking of their own web sites. Either way the exploits use the same methods and they mostly start by looking for a weakness.
What Is PDF Protection? How To Encrypt PDF Files With Passwords & Permissions
PDF protection is about limiting or preventing access to a PDF document and/or preventing its copy and print. By limiting access to designated users one can prevent sharing, unauthorized use and redistribution. By applying copy protection users can be restricted to a read and view only without the ability to copy the content of your PDF for use elsewhere.
Why PDF Protection Software Is Important For Online PDF Documents
PDF is a commonly used format because it is cross platform and almost everyone has a PDF Reader installed, whether it be the Adobe Reader or one of the many other desktop readers. But a lot of authors wrongly assume that by converting their Microsoft Word or other text style document to PDF format, that they are protecting it and preventing its content from being copied or extracted.