How To Add DRM To Any Web Page On Any Website
Adding DRM to any website is easy. For those with HTML or coding ability it can be as simple as adding a couple of lines of code to any web pages that you want to DRM protect. For WordPress and Moodle websites we provide a ready made plugin that will inject the needed code into any web pages that you nominate in the plugin's settings page.
How To Legally Protect Your Website From Content Theft - Best Steps To Protect Your Website From Hackers
How to prevent content theft and how image protect software and website copy protection software can close the door on hackers and exploit probing software. For websites designed to improve SEO ranking, an "open" policy poses a few problems when considering how the integrity of your website and the information that it contains can be exploited and even corrupted.
Why Is Website Security Important? How To Secure & Protect Your Site With Website Protection Software
For anyone publishing online courses or other intellectual property online, website security is needed to protect your assets and your livelihood. Because without website protection, anything published on web pages, including media linked from those pages, is up for grabs to anyone who may want to plagiarize and steal it to use in their own web projects.
How do I protect images and graphics on my website from copy? What is the safest method for online image protection?
When considering the safest method for protecting online image, one needs to consider the many ways that images can be obtained, downloaded and otherwise copied. Because not only are there the obvious methods that come to everyone's mind, but there are many ways to steal images and various types of software available for indexing and downloading images from a web site.
How To Protect Images On The Internet? 5 Ways To Protect Photos/images On Your Personal Blogs And Website.
How you copy protect images for the Internet depends on where and how they will be viewed because displaying images on a website owned by you provides options not available when posting to a shared site like a blog or social media. Likewise, different methods of image protection are needed for viewing on the desktop when compared to online viewing from a web page.