Some Usage Scenarios For Image Protect And PDF Protection Software
Today ArtistScope provides copy protection software to protect all types of media and the protection that it does offer is more secure than ever imagined. The majority of clients using image protect and PDF protection software are in the teaching industry, providing online courses and live tuition online.
The Best Web Copy Protection Software Ever Imagined Just Got Better
Now supported on all popular desktop computers. The ArtistScope team have created an online demo where anyone can simply type in the url of a web page (hosted anywhere) and see how effective ASPS can be copy protecting any web page, even remotely without changing anything on that page.
How To Copy Protect Live Video Stream
Copy protecting a live video stream as opposed to protecting video files requires a different approach and very few of those purporting to be experts on the subject don't have much of a clue. To live stream any event such as a sports match or classroom session, a video camera is required to feed the video data to encoding software which in turn sends the video feed to a media server.
Site Protection Software To Protect Data And Prevent Hackers From Defacing Your Website
ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) provides the most secure and most comprehensive website security that can be used on any type of web server and for any type of website. In fact there is no other website copy protection software that can compare.
How To Add DRM To Copy Protect Any Website Including WordPress Sites
Although website protection software can be designed to prevent exploits and copy protect PDF, video and page data, none of them actually include DRM. Consequently ArtistScope DRM is the preferred solution because it identifies each user by unique computer ID that cannot be shared or exploited.