ASPS Web Site Protection : Can a user login using Chrome and then launch ArtisBrowser?

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Posted On: 2020-04-15 at 16:22

Can a user login using Chrome and then launch ArtisBrowser from the web page?

No. Normal login using browser cookies will not be possible. If you are using browser cookies then they need to login with ArtisBrowser so that the cookie is created and readable by ArtisBrowser.

However you can change the login check to use "session" cookies instead... they are stored on the server and last as long as the user is connected to the web site. Session time out can be modified.

If you are using the ArtisBrowser Computer ID to validate account usage, once they have logged in and that ID is recorded for the account, your pages could rely on Computer ID for identification, making future logins unnecessary.

Launching any application from a web page is no longer possible in popular web browsers.

The simplest fix... on your login page say "Login requires the ArtisBrowser web browser - click to download.".