Copysafe Video Protection : How does DRM authorization work with offline tokens?

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Posted On: 2020-01-31 at 22:40

Without authorization, no-one can play DRM protected video.

Permission can be granted by group permissions or eToken. All members of a group can view all videos belonging to that group. Etokens provide specific permission on a one-to-one basis, ie: an individual user is granted access to a specific video... ideal for online purchases.

A user can be granted access by either permission type. They can log in to download and view an index of videos assigned to them. While logged in they can download a 'offline token'. If they have used DRM video before, their ComputerID will already be assigned to their account. If not already assigned, they can log in using the ArtisBrowser to record their ComputerID and download an 'offline token'. The ArtisBrowser is required in this instance so that the unique Computer ID can be obtained.