Copysafe Video Protection : DRM : Are authenticated via the Internet or what?

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Posted On: 2019-11-22 at 15:57

DRM authentication can use different processes for online and offline use.

Internet authentication

DRM authentication is a live process and the usual case scenario which requires the user to be connected to the Internet at the time of starting the video. Once approved, the video can be paused and the user can log off from the Internet.

As a live process, admin/author can change/remove access permissions at any time with immediate effect, even on videos already downloaded and saved to the user''''s computer or still out in the wild on CD.

Token authentication

At the admin/author''''s discretion, videos can be made available with tokens for "offline viewing". If a video has been enabled for offline video in its settings, the user can log into the DRM portal and download a token file that will enable them to view the video at any time, even while offline.

The token file can be for the computer that is already assigned to their account, or a new computer can be assigned (if their settings allow for more than one computer).

However to assign a new computer, the user must use the ArtisBrowser to login because only the ArtisBrowser can get the user''''s Computer ID for their DRM record.

Token file installation

To use a video with a token file, the token file needs to be stored in the same folder as the downloaded video.