Copysafe Video Protection : DRM : How does each user authenticate themself and their PC?

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Posted On: 2019-11-22 at 15:44

Each computer can be identified by their unique "Computer ID" which is based upon an algorithm of their hard drive serial number, manufacturer, etc.

The very first time that each user opens a DRM protected video, they are requested to input their username (email) and password, which is recorded against their DRM account.

Once authenticated, they do not have to submit a login ever again to access any videos that have been assigned to them.

Depending on the limitations controlled and set by teh admin/author, the user may or may not be able to change computers or add a second/third computer without assistance/approval from the admin/author.

A users privileges are governed by several controls:

1. Their account settings as defined by admin/author.
2. Their group's settings as defined by admin/author.
3. The video's settings as defined by admin/author.