Copysafe Video Protection : DRM : How are new subscribers created/registered?

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Posted On: 2019-11-22 at 15:14

Users are added to the DRM portal by one of two (2) ways:

A) Manually added by the account admin/author and assigned to any group that the admin/author manages.

B) Automatically registered following a successful sale in our online store or from your shopping cart where you have added some code to its success page. Such registrations will be added to the group that you as admin/author designate in your portal settings. The user-guide and instructions can be sent by email upon request.

In both cases the new user will receive an email from the server informing them of the download instructions and login details to use to register their player on first use and log into the portal.

In the production server, users cannot register a new account themselves. That is only allowed on our DEMO server.

NOTE: clients with very large lists of users to add to the portal can submit a CSV to our support team. More details can be provided upon request. A fee will be payable for this work depending on the size of the list and how many groups are involved.