Copysafe PDF Protection : Document size and image quality

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Posted On: 2019-11-21 at 18:25

PDF documents of 100 MB and more suggest that the author has been careless with the use of images. Raw images coming from cameras and phones can be 4 Mb and more when all they need to be is 100-300 Kb to still display in best quality.

A survey of 500 authors on our DRM portal reports the following document sizes:

41-25 Mb = 2%
24-20 MB = 5%
19-10 MB = 4%
9-5 MB = 16%
5 Mb and less = 73%

So how come so many documents are less than 5MB and still contain images?

It comes down to 2 factors... image resolution and image quality (compression). Before reducing quality, check image resolution.

Image Resolution

A lot of images may arrive at 300 dpi and more. A computer cannot display a resolution finer than 96 dpi. So do not use any images that are higher than 96 dpi. In fact 72 dpi may suffice.

Image Quality

Most images, if they start as best quality, can be be reduced in quality to 90% and still maintain best quality with a huge file size reduction. At 80% quality you will have an even greater file size reduction and you may never notice the difference.

By reducing the file size of your documents you will make reading them much ore enjoyable for your subscribers.