ASPS Web Site Protection : How and where should videos be hosted?

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Posted On: 2019-04-14 at 16:59

A) I am using Vimeo Plus to host the videos - does ASPS replace the need to host them on Vimeo? If so, where are they hosted?
B) If not, does it hide the Vimeo URL in the page's source code?
C) Will it override the Elementor video player and lightbox?


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Posted On: 2019-04-14 at 17:11

A) With video the ideal is to use a media server. If Vimeo can limit access to your video from your site only, then that is excellent.

B) Yes, the URL of the video is hidden. Source code cannot be viewed in ArtisBrowser and video grabbers have no access. If SSL is also used, then your media links will also be safe from packet sniffers.

C) You can use any video player on the web page, providing that you disable the option for the user to open the video fullscreen, because in fullscreen mode they leave the page and escape copy protection.