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Posted On: 2019-04-11 at 20:27

I want to restrict the access of my site from all users except one who came from, once user comes from he can surf our full website. Currently we just enable access for users but once they click on other links its shows restrict access page.

We have installed ASPS Check Referer and it is working fine for main Wordpress page but when we want to visit internal pages it is not working. Can you please help me out on this?


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Posted On: 2019-04-11 at 20:30

I wonder if you are using it properly. That plugin is for restricting access to nominated pages to all users excecpt those viewing from an ASPS mirror, like the one that we provide for evaluating ASPS from

That said, the only pages that should be affected are those that you nominate.

Can you send me a screen shot of the plugin's settings page.


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Posts : 127
Joined: 2016-09-29

Posted On: 2019-04-11 at 20:31

I don't think this plugin will be suited for your use because "referrer" in this case actually means the user and not from where they came. For example, when using the ASPS demo service the actual visitor is our ASPS server, because it is the ASPS server that requests the page and then mirrors it to the client.

The referrer in your case will be the user's internet service, which will not be a constant that you can use.