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Posted On: 2019-01-19 at 13:10

There are many softwares available today for video copy protection and a recent review of them has proven that they are all fake. While they all make claims, none actually live up to them except for CopySafe Video.

So what are their failings?

Imitation and False Advertising

To make their products sound appealing, they borrow a list of features from established solutions such as CopySafe, to compile the largest list of features, even listing some that are unnecessary in the hope of attracting gullible people who will not know better.

Some of the common failures:

Copy Protection

All of them use psuedo prevention of screen capture and recording by detecting the recorder EXE name and if found on their inbuilt list, they try to shut it down. This method is useless in practice because their list cannot ever include all recording softwares as there are new ones being released all the time. But what was is more amusing is that by renaming the capture.exe file their fake protection method is foiled.

However CopySafe does not use that method (not for 20 years), but instead controls copy and recording at system level which the fake protectors cannot do. Consequently, CopySafe copy protection prevents recording and capture by all software and it cannot be exploited.

So beware of statements like "copy protection does not apply to the demo version" because after purchase it will be too late to discover that their software does not work as claimed. But with CopySafe you have the option of downloading and installing the software for FULL evaluation beforehand. You also have the option of testing premade protected media and can also explore the many features of the free DRM portal that is supplied with every licence.


Password protection is not DRM. Passwords can be shared so the media can be shared, ie: distributed with the media file. However real DRM prevents sharing by limiting access to the media per individual, and the most effective DRM is available with CopySafe.

User Identification

Fakers claim to lock media to the user device, but if at all, they are only using the Mac Address of the user's network connection, which is a totally useless concept because:

- When a user is offline, a Mac Address cannot be provided.
- The Mac Address changes between wireless and cable connection.
- Many computers can share the same Mac Address.

CopySafe instead uses the unique computer ID of each computer which is contact and cannot be exploited. That Computer ID is based on an algorithm form from the hard drive manufacturer name and its serial number. Fakers cannot do that and furthermore, such identification can only be performed on Windows computers which leads to the next shortcoming.

Claims to be supported on all OS

Any copy protection that works on all OS including Mac and mobile phones will be most superficial and easily exploited because:

- capture prevention is not possible.
- system level interaction is not possible.
- unique identification is not possible.

Anything like a mobile phone or other amusement device is limited to running apps based on HTML and JavaScript only, which are not entitled to interact at system level which is where any effective identification and copy prevention must be actioned.

Expiration by Views, Prints, Hours or Days

They see these options listed for CopySafe DRM and the gullible buyer does not realise that without an infallible means of recording the first usage and counts, that such protection can easily be exploited. By using a remote DRM server to log all such actions per media, you have the only secure means to police such settings. Only CopySafe solutions provide a free DRM portal for such management.

Even in CopySafe Video, which does provide the option of enabling offline tokens, there are safeguards to prevent data tampering.

But the bottom line with DRM and such expirations is that by using a DRM portal, your media will be so much more secure. Plus, with live DRM you have Total Control over all aspects, with immediate effect on any changes made, even on media still out in the wild on USB or already saved to the users computer.

No other DRM solution can do that!


Group : Admin
Posts : 127
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Posted On: 2019-01-19 at 15:15

CopySafe Video was first developed in 2009 but not commercially released. This latest version was developed in 2013 but was never released until recently.

So the other video protection software did not need to offer much more than what they do.

But now that CopySafe Video is available, we are most confident that users will find it the most secure and most sophisticated copy protection solution for video.

All licencees pay a one-time fee for purchase of the Encoder which entitles them to free support and upgrades for life, plus use of the DRM portal to manage subscribers, groups and video without limitation.