CopySafe Book Store : Can emails sent by NO-REPLY be changed?

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Posted On: 2018-03-22 at 15:01

When I send email from the server, the sender is shown as non-reply, which most of the time the recipient think it is a bulk mail and it is not for them. How can I personalise that?

Sending as No-reply solves all sorts of problems. The mail is sent from a secure mail server with reputation that is preserved by not being used for spam. Sending as your account will not pass our mail sending rules and second, if you do spam as most businesses do, then it will do no harm for our server's reputation. Remember, that everyone is dependent on receiving emails form this server for all sorts of things.

Also, when most intelligent people see the sender as "no-reply" it tells them that the company has taken precautions to prevent spam by not having their email address automatically added to every user's address book so that when they do get infected by virus, and they surely will because everyone does, that their main email address that everyone is dependent on, does not get used for sending or receiving spam and virus mail.

NOTE: your emails are personalised... they are addressed to the person personally and the REPLY-TO address is shown as your email address.