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What is geolocation?

Websites that use geolocation (location-aware browsing) will ask where you are in order to bring you more relevant information, or to save you time while searching. Let’s say you’re looking for a restaurant in your area. A website will be able to ask you to share your location so that it will bring you the relevant restaurants in your area... no further information or extra typing required!

This service is totally optional – the ArtisBrowser doesn’t share your location without your permission – and is done with the utmost respect for your privacy.

How does it work?

When you visit a location-aware website, the ArtisBrowser will ask you if you want to share your location.

If you consent, the ArtisBrowser performs a lookup of your location by connecting to the IP-API website, requesting the location (latitude and longitude) for your public IP address. No data is sent to this service provider other than a regular web request from your location, and only the specific IP geolocation is requested (even though more data may be available). That location estimate is then shared with the requesting website.

Of note: this is significantly more privacy-aware than other browsers which collect details about your computer's local IP address and WiFi access points it knows of to send off to Google Location Services.

If you say that you do not consent, the ArtisBrowser will not do anything and the requesting website will not get any data.

How do I undo a permission granted to a site?

If you've given the ArtisBrowser permission to always give your location to a site and later change your mind, you can easily revoke that permission. Here's how:

- Navigate to the site to which you’ve given permission
- Go to the Tools menu, or right-click the page, then select Page Info
- Select the Permissions category
- Change the setting for Share Location

How do I turn this off completely?

Location-Aware Browsing is always and opt-in feature in the ArtisBrowser. No location information is ever sent without your permission. If you still wish to disable the feature completely, please follow this set of steps:

- In the URL bar, type about:config and press enter
- Type geo.enabled to find the geolocation preference
- Double click on the geo.enabled preference to set it to false
- Geolocation is now disabled