ArtisBrowser - Web Browser : Slow start up

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Posted On: 2018-03-08 at 23:24

Slow startup detected

It seems that the ArtisBrowser is taking much longer than normal to start.

What happened?

The ArtisBrowser, as part of normal monitoring of its process, has detected that starting the browser is taking much longer than it should. This can have multiple reasons:

- Your computer is very busy due to other running programs, slowing the start of ArtisBrowser.
- Your computer is low on memory.
- There is a problem with your session store (saved windows and tabs from last time) causing a large delay.

What can I do to fix this?

If you run into this regularly, you should examine what the cause is using the above points. If your computer is low on memory, considering adding more memory or closing resident programs. If there is a delay because you are using a very large number of tabs, consider using bookmarks instead. Examine your extensions and check for any incompatibilities.

You can also try to give ArtisBrowser a fresh start with your data by shutting down and restarting the ArtisBrowser.