ArtistScope Portable Media : Templates - using templates for different project types

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Posted On: 2017-11-06 at 13:38

Different methods are used to display different media.

For example, Copysafe PDF documents can use one style of HTML page, video use another and so on.

Each type of media requires different support files, for example, to read Copysafe PDF the Copysafe PDF Reader is required as well as the ArtistScope browser and APM Reader. Although by installing the ArtistScope web browser all of those supporting apps should be included, that is, if the user has the latest version of ArtistScope browser.

So we need to check that all support is available. But those checks are not the same for all media, for example to display video via the FlowPlayer Flash player, the user needs to have Flash installed. So the template kit for video needs to check that Flash is installed.