ASPS Web Site Protection : Can I copy protect my Weebly site?

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Posted On: 2017-06-23 at 18:16

I have a Weebly website that allows me to add members with passwords. Those members gain access to a webpage where I have links to recordings posted on YouTube. I have grown large enough that I need to start thinking about security of my product. I don't fully understand what you offer or if it could make what I currently have secure. I am open to other changes (having a website developed instead of using Weebly, purchasing a server instead of using YouTube) but I don't know what the best scenario would be to keep my content secure. I would appreciate your obligation-free advice!


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Posted On: 2017-06-23 at 18:20

Weebly, like Wix, provides web sites built on their server using a CMS that cannot be edited or changed to do anything that they do not already offer. To apply copy protection to a web site you need to be able to add some HTML code to the web pages, but you cannot do that with their CMS.

So to copy protect a web site, it needs to be on your own web site where you can edit/add plugins, scripts and HTML. A dedicated or virtual server will be ideal but necessary if you use one of our minor solutions.

Our ASPS Protected Hosting can copy protected any web site, and it will protect your Weebly site, but until you can restrict users by IP address, visitors can circumvent the protection by visiting your protected page directly. You see, ASPS Protected Hosting creates a mirror of your existing web site and delivers it from our ASPS server after making some modifications to the HTML code.

But until you can limit access by IP address, ASPS Protected Hosting has a back door. If Weebly or Wix could provide a plugin for checking referrer, that back door can be secured, but they are only interested in providing honey traps to newbie website makers.

YouTube is a share service, so your videos need to be stored elsewhere. If you rent a virtual server you can store videos there. However if data consumption can be a problem those videos can be stored on any file server providing that their download links are not advertised to the public.

The best scenario will be using your own virtual server with the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) installed for your web site (not just the ASPS Protected Hosting). For website building you can use Drupal, Joomla or WordPress.

To see how ASPS Protected Hosting can mirror absolutely any web site please try the demo listed below

Options available for for using ASPS

You can either purchase the software for installation on your server (a dedicated server or VPS is required for user rights to install), or you can opt to use one of our ASPS Web Hosting plans.

ASPS Software Purchase and Installation

The ASPS server-side filter can be purchased and installed on Apache and Windows servers. It is licensed per domain and installation is provided by ArtistScope support team so that the license key can be made to suit the server. The licensing purchase is a one-time fee that includes free support and upgrades without a service contract. However any change to the license file by changing domain, server or IP address will incur a fee.

With the ASPS filter installed on your server, any and all pages within the licensed web site can be protected as and when you want by simply adding new meta-tags to any pages that you want to protected. Those web pages are your responsibility and you are free to use WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle or any other CMS at your disposal. ASPS can be used on any web site, despite the programming language is used to assemble your page, because it is the HTML for the page that is delivered to the ASPS Web browser (after final assembly).

ASPS Protected Hosting

ASPS Protected Hosting provides the means to copy protect select pages of your existing web site that may be hosted on shared servers. It also provides options for displaying media such as PDF and video from our server. However ArtistScope is not in the business of competing with web hosts and prefers to host HTML only. Consequently our hosting plans are designed to favor the provision of the media download from your server or stream service.

Pages mirrored from your web site are under your compete control and it is your responsibility to ensure that links and included content suits the service and that the same pages are not accessible to the public so that access to them is only possible via your ASPS mirror.

Pages hosted on our server that display uploaded media will protect all media displayed on them, regardless of where the source file is located, thus enabling the use of your own media server or file hosting services like Amazon S3.

In both hosting scenarios you have total control over the settings applied to those web pages in regard to user access and copy protection options.

You can evaluate an ASPS Hosted Mirror by creating a FREE trial account (14 days) clicking here

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