Copysafe PDF Protection : Document quality and font support

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Posted On: 2017-06-05 at 16:57

I have tried some different font styles, and some don't look as good as the original PDF when converted to Copysafe PDF.

What is the best font style to use?


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Posted On: 2017-06-05 at 17:18

First thing to realize is that CopySafe PDF has absolutely nothing to do with Adobe Reader and that CopySafe PDF is not dependent on any other resources. This was intentional and deliberate to ensure that CopySafe PDF provides the most secure document protection on the planet, be supported in all countries, but also be stable.

Yes, the use of some fonts can cause irregular spacing and sometimes affect line justification. So the best font to use will be one that is universal, supported on all computers, and one that is easy to read.

Sure line justification makes pages and columns look neat, but do they enhance their legibility... and the answer to that is no. Uneven spacing of words on each line makes it more difficult to read and comprehend. For a speed reader it is catastrophic.

Ever wonder why newspapers and paper backs have always used the same typefaces? Well it may be interesting to know that it is not about fashion, but more about legibility. Times New Roman is a serif typeface and proven to be more legible than non-serif fonts. It is also a default font on all computer systems. And what you may not realize until it is too late, is that Times letter spacing is far more evolved than modern typefaces, so it will always look better even when justification does its worst.

Copysafe PDF can be viewed in all languages, even when mixed. For example display Arabic (right-to-left) interspersed through English (left-to-right) and vice versa. Getting these combinations right and provide support for complex mathematical equations was a tedious trial and error process that was only made possible by excellent client feedback and the responsive support provided by our PDF resource developer. Changing some things broke things elsewhere, and what we have to day is what works best for everyone worldwide.