Copy Protect PDF - Copysafe PDF : Reader cannot open the Copysafe PDF document
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This error usually occurs as a result of an illegal file name being used.

The most common error is a result of having more than one (1) dot in the file name. The only dot that should be used is in the extension name ".ENC". The error can also occur when using non-English letters in the file name.


If the CopySafe PDF Reader has been installed then your computer should recognise the file format. During install, information about the file format is added to your computer's registry. Then by simply clicking on the file, your computer will know which software to use, and open it automatically.

But if you have the Reader installed and still get this error, we recommend that you install and use the Reader while using "Run as Administrator". Then you may overcome software restrictions and allow the Reader to update your registry while installing, and read your registry while using the Reader.