Copysafe PDF Protection : Unable to open .ENC files

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Posted On: 2017-02-08 at 12:38

Some users cannot open the .ENC files. But it is strange because out of 650 identical workstations, it is only 3-4 users who seem to have a problem.

When I check "diagnostics" from the Copysafe PDF Reader toolbar, it does report that the Copysafe service cannot be reached, even though when I check the service I see that it is indeed running.

What can I try to fix this problem?


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Posted On: 2017-02-08 at 12:39

Thanks for this report. It does help to eliminate some of the possibles.

The fact that so very few computers were failing had us dumbfounded for while before we realized that there was a difference in the computers.

It has something to do with Windows updates... the computer must run Windows update to have what it needs. So any installations of EOL Windows versions may be useless for testing.

Likewise, any new installations of Windows 10 may also fail if they have never run Windows update. Why this may be so is because support for any Windows version will be for the updated versions and not the first releases which would have undergone changes.