Copysafe Web Protection : Which browsers support Copysafe Web plugins?

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A webmaster can nominate to disallow access according to platform and web browser. For example to maximize security, access to protected web pages should be limited to the ArtistScope Web Browser only, as all popular web browsers have always strived to expose web page content and media.

The Copysafe Web plugin can only function on Windows computers. Other platforms such as Mac OS and Linux can be permitted to view Copysafe Web pages but they will require Java to be installed to view the encrypted Copysafe Web images. PrintScreen and screen capture can only be prevented on Windows. Mac, Linux and other OS used on amusement devices such as mobile phones cannot and never will be able to support copy protection at system level.

Which web browsers can be used?

-- Windows --

Windows web browsers that are supported include ArtistScope, Firefox versions 5 to 43, Chrome versions 17 to 46 and Internet Explorer versions 8 to 10. Later versions dropped support for real plugins in late 2015.

-- Mac OS --

Mac web browsers can use the Java* version using Safari and Firefox.

-- Linux --

Linux web browsers can use the Java* version using Firefox

* Java enables display of CopySafe Web encrypted images but with CopySafe Web plugin support the images/pages cannot be protected from screen capture.


It is possible for Mac and Linux computers to install and run Windows from within a virtual partition. For example Mac users can install Parallels virtual partitioning software. However, to enable users of Virtual computers, the author needs to enable the option of "remote viewing" in their Copysafe Web settings. If remote viewing is not enabled, then virtual users will be redirected and cannot view Copysafe Web pages. Authors please take not that by enabling "remote viewing" the user has the opportunity to take a screenshot from their main OS while Windows is running as their virtual OS, that is, if they are computer savvy. For mission critical copy protection we do not recommend allowing "remote viewing".