ASPS Web Site Protection : Any special requirements before ASPS installation?

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Posted On: 2016-10-15 at 24:32

Not really, but if you have the choice it is best to avoid installing the Control Panel (CP) software provided by your web host.

Although CP software can be useful to those who have little experience in configuring a web server, it can be a nuisance because to manage services they inject their own code and in some cases replace them with their own version. This can cause incompatibility issues not only with ArtistScope software but any server side solution interacting with the server core.

Again, if you have the choice, best to avoid CPs. However we can make adjustments during our install and in most cases it just takes a little longer to install.

Windows servers should NEVER have a CP installed. Windows already provides all the tools that a webmaster needs. On Linux servers, because there isn't usually a GUI interface, a CP can be handy but don't install the web-host's CP. Instead use WebMin which is free to use and includes everything that you will ever need to manage any service that you install on the server.

If in doubt or not confident about your own web-mastering ability, you can always leave it to our support team.