Troubleshooting Copy Protection : Web browser not supported

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Posted On: 2016-10-15 at 22:59

If you are redirected away from a copy protected page with an error message about your "web browser not being supported" then either the site administrator has disallowed your browser type or your web browser no longer supports real browser plugins.

Browser disallowed

Site owners can have the option of nominating which browser types are allowed to view their protected pages. For example in a corporate network all workstations might be using a particular browser due to its capabilities or for being over-endowed and capable of supporting plugins that are a nuisance for privacy and identity checks.

Browser cannot run plugin

Since late 2015 most popular web browsers stopped supporting real plugins in favour of surface apps suitable for mobile phones (based on simple HTML and JavaScript). Yes, earlier browsers will be able to run copy protect plugins, but without real plugin support it is impossible to check browser version reliably.

So the only alternative is to disallow all browsers except the ArtistScope web browsers... the only web browser that is properly designed to PROTECT web media and still supports real plugins.