Troubleshooting Copy Protection : Software will not run

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ArtistScope solutions such as the ArtistScope web browser, the CopySafe PDF Reader and CopySafe Web plugins need to interact at system level, so when an ERROR is given when running these applications, the most common cause can be missing resources, the interference of poorly supported anti-virus software or lessened user privileges.

Missing vital resources

On freshly installed versions of Windows, vital resources may be missing that are provided via Windows updates. For example, if testing Windows XP or Windows 7 in a VM, Windows updates may not be available.

Either way, ensure that your Windows computer does have the latest Windows updates.

Poorly supported anti-virus (AV) software

AV software works mostly by identifying known strings inside code. So any code it does not recognise cannot be detected as malware. Good AV software requires constant research and regular updates to keep abreast of new threats as and when reported.

One would think that the bigger the AV software company and sales turnover the better research and updates. However that is not the case at all because the ones that you would expect to be the most up to date are faking it by flagging any software that interacts at system level which they do not know about and citing "reputation". Well if they ever bother to check our software when their users have complained about "false positives", and if they ever bother to respond to the many complaints made by our company, then this topic would be unnecessary.

Instead we can only refer to such AV software as useless rubbish and recommend using one that is much better and FREE... Microsoft Security Essentials.

Lessened user privileges

Depending on your computer's settings for user privileges, some software may not be allowed to run. For example in a corporate network there may be restrictions on software that you can install and there may also be restrictions set on the software even if allowed to run.

Depending on the type of software, and in the case of ArtistScope software which needs to interact at system level, security settings may need changing. On Windows Vista and later versions of Windows your User Account Control (UAC) settings may need to be adjusted.

Otherwise when running ArtistScope software if you start the program using "Run as Administrator" it can usually avoid these traps.