CopySafe PDF Protection DRM : Troubleshooting ComputerID Updates from the Reader

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In most cases troubleshooting a validation failure is a process of elimination and its early success depends on the information provided by the user and what you can learn from your logs.

Failure to be recognized can sometimes be due to the computer in question being used by another account. To troubleshoot such problems, always start by looking at the stats page for the user. If no hits are recorded for that user then you can assume:

1. they have not tried to open your document
2. or that their computer is being used by another account.

Does another account use the same computer? Please ask the user to login to this Check User page while using the ArtistScope web browser. Ask them to copy-n-paste the results and send them to you.

If no other account is using that Computer ID then you can assume that the account has another/different Computer ID already recorded and that their record needs to be updated. However due to strict rules the user may need assistance, ie: you as the admin should first remove the existing Computer ID so that it is blank for their next use of the CopySafe PDF Reader.

Reading Your Document Stats

The most relevant information there is the Document ID, the User ID and the Response. If the user ID is shown as "000000" it usually means that the user who tried to open the document could not be identified, ie: their Computer ID was not found in your subscriber list or their account is not activated which can occur when the user has tried to open your document before receiving their login details from you.

If the User ID is shown as a number other than "000000" then they have been identified. It also means that they were able to at least submit that ID to the server. If the Response granted permission but the user has reported that they could not open the document, then the cause may be due to failure to receive the server response, which can occur as the result of severe security settings or firewall restrictions as can often be the case inside corporate networks.

What do the stats codes mean?

The table columns on your Stats Page should be self explanatory, ie: The first column is the ID of your document. The second column the name of your protected document. The third column the UserID of your subscriber. Note that you can sort each column according to Ascending or Descending clicking on the column header.

If your subscriber has reported failure to open a document, you need to look for their records, and in particular rows denoted by a red cross in the F column. If an F appears the explanation will be given in the column to the right of the red cross.

- DocFail - means that the document either does not exist, suspended or expired.
- NoUser- means that the ComputerID could not be found, ie: not associated to any account.
- UserFail - can mean that the subscriber account is inactive or no permission for that document.
- GroupFail - means that the Group for user or the document has expired or been suspended.
- Remote - means that a virtual computer was detected but the document not set to allow "remote".
- Views - means that the user has exceeded the number of allowed viewings of the document.
- Prints - means that the user has exceeded the number of prints allowed.
- NetBan - means that the user has been identified by IP address as a nuisance or malovent.

One other reason for failure, which may sound ridiculous but it does happen, is when the author/admin inadvertently renders his own group inactive. Any DRM accounts using a monthly service will be affected by expiration which can disable all permissions and rights. However most authors use the free service by purchasing a license for the CopySafe PDF Protector.

Getting the subscriber to log into the Check User page may help if the Stats Page didn't provide an insight into the user's problem.