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8.2 Plugin Removal

How to remove the Copysafe Web plugins

Copysafe Web provides two types of plugins for web browsers, an OCX (ActiveX) for all Internet explorer web browsers and IE clones, and a DLL for all Mozilla browser clones which include Firefox, Chrome, etc.

To uninstall either of these plugins go to Control panel > Add/Remove programs and locate its uninstaller from the program list. Note that unless the web browser in question is shut down during installation then the plugin may not be removed while in use.

Copysafe Helper Service

The Copysafe Helper Service (as listed in your Windows Services) provides support for copy protected media and is a shared service, utilized by many different programs. The Copysafe Helper Service does not track, record or send data across the Internet. It is not spyware and can never be conceived as being malicious because its sole purpose is to manipulate the clipboard, and until such time as its functions are fired by an application that uses it, it does nothing at all. There is no reason to remove the Copysafe Helper Service which has been installed and utilized on many millions of computers since 1999.

For verification of authenticity all components are code signed by ArtistScope using Microsoft Authenticode certificates.

Copysafe Helper Service and CSHelper components

Removing plugins and programs that utilize the Copysafe Helper Service will not remove the service itself. This is by design and a safeguard against negligence that could cause other applications to fail because many different programs utilize the Copysafe Helper Service as a shared service. The Copysafe Helper Service is comprised of the following files:

64-bit (Sept 2010) - CSDriver64.SYS - CSHelper64.EXE - CSInstru64.DLL
32-bit (Sept 2010) - CSDriver32.SYS - CSHelper32.EXE - CSInstru32.DLL

How to remove the Copysafe Helper Service and CSHelper

Manual removal of these components is not recommended because they are related to a Windows service, registry keys and other programs. However a special removal tool is now available to stop the service and remove its components for all versions of the service. It will also warn you if there are other programs installed that may be dependent on this service:

- ArtistScope Web Browser
- ArtistScope DRM
- ArtistScope Media Player
- Copysafe Movie
- Copysafe PDF
- Copysafe Web
- DRM Client
- Guardou PDF
- Guardou Web

Before the CopySafe Service uninstaller will remove the service, the above listed programs must be uninstalled first. To remove these programs:

- Control Panel > Remove Programs
- Uninstall the program
- Restart the computer
- Then run the CopySafe Removal Tool

Some files may be left that were in use at the time, however they will be removed automatically after a system restart.

Forced Removal

To remove the CopySafe Runtime Service without having to remove dependent programs you can run the uninstaller from a command-line:

CopySafe_Removal.exe /force

Note: Unless the runtime is updated or re-installed, any Copysafe dependant programs are likely to crash.

Registry Cleanup

To remove any registry keys for programs that may be dependent on the runtime:

CopySafe_Removal.exe /clean

Note: Only use this option if all ArtistScope programs have been removed manually and their removal may have been botched.

Download the CopySafe Removal Tool

CopySafe Removal Tool - Download here (631 Kb)

Repair the Copysafe Helper Service

To replace or repair an installation of the CopySafe Runtime Service, simply install the latest version of one the ArtistScope applications listed above.
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