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8.1 Plugin Downloads

Plugin installers are a free download.

ArtistScope provides a free download service to anyone requiring the CopySafe plugin. The default insert settings (as shipped) will redirect site visitors (who do not already have the CopySafe plugin installed) to for the installer appropriate for their web browser. ArtistScope download sites are on prime networks in USA and Australia to provide the fastest downloads.

The download pages are kept as generic as possible and include tips for users who may have problems due to their web browser security settings and other quirks.

However if you desire to provide the plugin downloads from your own web site, you will find the required files in your program's "plugins" folder. To install these files on your site, simply copy the plugins folder to the root of your web site and edit the insert to suit your web site links.

// Where to go if we do not support their browser/operating system
          var urlDownloadNo = "/plugins/download_no.html";

// Where to go to download the plugin
          var urlDownload = "/plugins/download.html";

// Where to go for settings help
          var urlJavaNo = "/plugins/help_java.html";
           var urlActivexNo = "/plugins/help_activex.html";

The default setting for the plugin download link points to our download servers. To provide plugin downloads to your site visitors from your own site, simply copy the plugins folder (from your CopySafe Web program's folder) to the root of your web site and edit the insert to reflect the new links. The insert file can be found in your project folder.
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