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7.6 Java version detection

Java version detection across all platforms and web browsers cannot be done accurately with JavaScript alone. For example Java may be installed but is it enabled in their web browser settings?

CopySafe Web includes a Java version applet to test that java is in fact active and retrieve an accurate version number. If their java version is less than 1.4 they are redirected to to download an upgrade.

The position of the Java version applet is most critical and should be the first thing that loads between the BODY tags. The trigger for detection is the onLoad statement within the body tag.

Java version errors

The redirect script works by reacting to an error in getting a response from the version applet. Subsequently any JavaScript error on your web page will trigger a redirection to

If you are getting errors you can disable the Java version check by removing onload="showJVMDetails();" from the opening body tag.

Debugging JavaScript errors

Test your web pages online using a Firefox web browser with the Error Console window open. You can open the Error Console by going to Tools in the Firefox menu and selecting Error Console.

The Error Console will tell you exactly on which line the error occurs and also give a hint as to what the error is.
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