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7.4 Customizing the program template

Template.txt can be found in the program’s “viewer” folder and provides the base files for all new encryptions. The program will use the csi.js file found in the same folder when it creates the files to upload with the newly created html page.

This template file can be edited to include any code that appears throughout your web site for standard header and footers, etc.

By customizing the template you can use the program to create new web pages that are already finished with your usual header and footer in place.

NOTE: First make a backup. Observe the format of the insert tag where the program will add its code... changing this tag can cause the program to fail.

The head and body tag scripts

The script routines within the head and body tag add extra security by preventing such things as drag'n'drop whereby a visitor may otherwise be able to select an image on the page and drag it to the desktop.
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