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7.3 JavaScript Insert (CSI)

The CSI insert provides default settings and functions for detecting browser and the plugin type to be used. Each web page can use a separate CSI insert, a group of pages may use the same CSI insert or the code from the CSI insert can be hard coded on the web page.

CSI insert files can be located anywhere within your web site as long as the codebase points to where the image class file are located.

CSI insert files provided by ArtistScope may vary between versions, and it doesn’t matter whether you use a single csi.js file or use csi_main.js with a page’s individual page settings within separate JavaScript tags. If all of your pages use the same default settings then by all means use a single csi.js file for all of them. But if your pages need to have different settings, for example… different security options such as allow use of the keyboard for web forms, then the method of using a split CSI will be best.

Splitting the CSI means that you can use csi_main.js and then include the variable setting for each page enclosed in JavaScript tags. For an example of this see the template.txt file included in your latest plugin update. Using different insert files will enable you to vary the security level between folders.

Each CopySafe Web page can be set to allow/disallow capture, keyboard and menu options:

CaptureSafe = 1      or 0 for allow screen capture
KeySafe = 1              or 0 for allow use of the keyboard in web forms
MenuSafe = 1           or 0 for allow browser menus
RemoteSafe =1        or 0 to allow remote viewing of the page

Browser selection

CSI settings also enable you to control which browsers can access your protected pages. For the most secure browser access please see the ArtistScope Web Browser.

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