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7.2 Codebases

Setting a code base statement tells the ActiveX and applets where to look for all related files.

If used, a codebase statement applies to all components that are used to display the image. For example the encrypted images will be in the codebase folder and if using applets to display the image then the Java class files should also be located in the codebase folder.

If all CopySafe Web files including the csi.js file are in the same folder then that folder automatically becomes the codebase.

If delivering on the fly from templates or storing your html in a different folder to your image files, you need to set a codebase statement.

The codebase line looks like:

var m_szImageFolder = "/plugins/";

Mixing files in the codebase

Mixing CopySafe Web and Secure Image class files is now possible because ach program uses different class file naming convention so that the image.class file names are always different even if from the same origin.

- CopySafe images end with ****_C.class
- Secure Image Pro images end with ****_S.class

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