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7.0 Editing

The encrypted image is displayed by code inserted into the page where the image is to appear. If you are using the standard template and CSI file then the html code and image parameters will be written in according to those settings using JavaScript. For Windows browsers ActiveX code will be used, and for other platforms (if permitted) the image can displayed in the ArtistScope security applet.

Alternatively, the same code and html can be hard coded, although the concept of using a single pattern that covers all variations from an include page has may merits that can never be overlooked. When hard coding nay changes will need manual updating of every page, but when using the CSI and JavaScript to load the image, only the CSI needs to updated. With care the one CSI can serve all web pages. Otherwise to allow for different settings on individual pages you can use the split CSI method.

Splitting the CSI

BY splitting the CSI you can have each page with different security settings and image parameters while using a common main CSI for the all of the functions. In your program set you will see csi_main.js which includes the main functions but not the page settings. page settings can be included on a separate CSI but it may be easier to hard code these between script tags.

The advantage of using a split CSI is that the pages can be edited easily, and each page can have different settings such as:

Security options

var m_bpDebugging = false;       // displays all outputs on the page instead of the image viewer

var m_bpKeySafe = true;
var m_bpCaptureSafe = true;
var m_bpMenuSafe = true;
var m_bpStartSafe = false;
var m_bpTaskSafe = false;
var m_bpRemoteSafe = true;
var m_bpWindowsOnly = true;
var m_bpProtectionLayer = false;        // Set to true only if using OnProtectionActivated layer control

Web browsers allowed

var m_bpASPS = true;
var m_bpChrome = true;
var m_bpFx15 = true;
var m_bpOpera = true;
var m_bpSafari = true;
var m_bpMSIE = true;
var m_bpMaxthon = true;
var m_bpSleipnir = false;
var m_bpSlim = false;

Page preferences

var m_szImageFolder = "/plugins/";        // location of the encrypted images from root

var m_szDefaultStyle = "ImageLink";
var m_szDefaultTextColor = "FFFFFF";
var m_szDefaultBorderColor = "38B9FE";
var m_szDefaultBorder = "5";
var m_szDefaultLoading = "Please wait while the image downloads...";
var m_szDefaultLabel = "ArtistScope";
var m_szDefaultLink = "index.asp";
var m_szDefaultTargetFrame = "_top";
var m_szDefaultMessage = "Add your message here";
var m_szDefaultWatermark = "watermark.gif";
var m_szDefaultWatermarkAlignment = "center";
var m_bpDefaultWatermarkLinux = "true";
var m_bpDefaultWatermarkMacintosh = "true";
var m_bpDefaultWatermarkWindows = "false";
var m_szDefaultFrameDelay = "2000";

Most of the options should be self explanatory.

m_szDefaultFrameDelay is the default (if none specified) time between images in a slideshow

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