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5.0 Uploading

When your pages are finished with the extra content added, simply upload them to your web site, ensuring that all the files produced by the program are in the same folder. It is that simple. Your original images are no longer needed and should not be on your web site.

Note: Some FTP uploaders offer the choice of ASCII/Binary uploads… if the choice is available always use Binary to prevent your plugins, images and image.class files from being corrupted.

Files to upload

1. The plugins folder - help, download pages and plugin installers
2. The project files that you have created

Plugins folder

Simply upload the plugins folder as provided by ArtistScope including all of its content. It should be located in your site root, for example: at

Project files

If you used the image converter then you need to upload all of the files that were created. If using the insert method then upload those files.
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