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2.3 Protecting Flash and movie media

Flash and movie media can be protected on web pages protected by CopySafe Web by simply adding a small Copysafe Web image to the page. For the best security the following needs to be applied:

- If using Flash it needs to be streamed from Flash Media Server.
- If using movie files like AVI, MPG, WMV then they should be streamed from Windows Media Server.
- The embedded player needs to be configured to prevent opening the movie directly.
- By requiring that your visitors use the ASPS Web Browser it may not be necessary to stream the media.

Additional precautions are possible in settings from the media server end to prevent direct and/or unauthorized access to the media.

Flash Media Server

Flash Media Server is available from Adobe and can be licensed for any type of web server. The unregistered version will support up to 10 simultaneous connections.

Windows Media Server

Windows Media Server is provided as part of the Windows Server installation but may not be installed by default. To install Windows Media Server simply use the Add/remove options from the Control Panel.

ASPS Web Browser

In all cases requiring that visitors use the ArtistScope Web Browser will close all avenues for copy/save and exploits that are provided by generic (popular) web browsers.

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