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2.2 Page insert method

The CopySafe Web Insert method can be used to add copy protection to any web page. By including a small CopySafe Web image at the top of the page, all content and media including text, Flash and movies can be copy protected. If images are the main content to protect then this insert method is not as secure as encrypting the image in question, but it does lend itself to applying most effective copy protection to any page, even pages created on the fly from database records.

Insert examples

Both the converter and insert versions should include a folder named "insert" in which several examples are provided for using the insert method.

Layer control with timer

The layer will show after n seconds (adjustable in the html code).

OnProtectionActivated layer control

OnProtectionActivated layer control receives a signal from te plugin when it's properly loaded to show a layer that may be otherwise protecting the content until protection is activated. In the examples you will see the html code to use. When the plugin loads it will send a trigger that is trapped by the JavaScript on the page, and then display the layer. To activate the layer from the plugin the following line needs to be set to true:

var m_bpProtectionLayer = true;

otherwise leave it as "false" to prevent JavaScript errors.

Layer control with focus

The layer is shown after it receives a signal from the plugin to say that it has loaded. It also has focus control to detect when a user has moved/clicked out of the browser window, thus signaling that the content is not longer required. Google has been excluded from focus control because of its inferior support for JavaScript

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