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1.3 Search engines

When it comes to search engines and copy protection there should be no compromise. If you want your pages to be searchable, then do NOT bother trying to copy protect them. In fact your copy protected web pages should not even be directly accessible from the internet.

Web site downloaders and Image grabbers

Web site downloaders and Image grabbers perform much the same as a search engine. They locate all other pages by following the hyperlinks on pages leading to them.

Search engine friendliness

Contrary to what we may be led to believe, search engines will include your web pages in their indexing whether you submit your web site or not. And they will spider pages that are not directly connected to the Internet. How they get those page locations is by tracking your web browser activity... you only need to visit a page privately for it to be included in most search listings.

That is what privacy on the Internet has come to thanks to the perversion of entities like Google. So if you have web pages that you want to keep private or confidential, then you need to leave no stone unturned in maintaining their security.

Interim indexes

Copy protected pages should detect direct and offsite links and redirect back to a common index page. By checking that a visitor has in fact arrived at the copy protected page via the menu can be done in different ways and some examples of the code to use is here.

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