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1.1 Copy protection

CopySafe was the first solution ever developed for the control of PrintScreen and screen capture, and it is still the most secure solution because unlike all other applications since created in the likeness of CopySafe, CopySafe is secure from ALL screen capture because it does not rely on identifying known screen capture programs. Instead CopySafe controls the clipboard. Different levels of copy protection can be assigned to individual pages for enable/disable menus, keyboard, capture and more. Code snippets and instructions for use with ASP and FrontPage are provided with your software. The templates can be added to any existing portal as inserts.

CopySafe Web is ideal for adding copy protection to any page that can displayed in popular web browsers. However popular web browsers strive to expose web media so your web protection will never be ideal while providing access to those browsers. For the most secure browser access please see the ArtistScope Web Browser.
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