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ArtisBrowser Licensing

Source Code

ArtisBrowser is open source and free software. This means that it is not only available for download free of charge, but you have access to the source code and may modify and redistribute our software subject to certain restrictions.


Although our code is free, it is very important to note that we strictly enforce our trademark (™) rights, in order to be able to protect our users against people who use the marks to commit fraud. Our trademarks include, among others, the names ArtisBrowser and ArtistScope including logo and project names. This means that, while you have considerable freedom to redistribute and modify our software, there are tight restrictions on your ability to use the ArtistScope names and logos in ways which fall in the domain of trademark law, even when built into binaries that we provide.

In addition, we do use some of Mozilla's trademarks in our communication, like Mozilla's trademarks of Firefox® and XUL™. We honor and respect these trademarks to belong to their respective owners and use them to refer to specific products and technologies incorporated in, or in relation to, our work (nominative use).

Add-ons and Plugins

Add-ons and plugins that provide app interfaces, DRM and copy protect functions are not open-source and are protected by Copyright to ArtistScope.