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9th September 2008

ArtistScope DRM for total control over web pages

ArtistScope DRM (Digital Rights Management) now includes total control over access and document permissions for web pages, along with full copy protection for all kinds of page content.

Site visitors can create a free demo account so they will be able to actually upload documents or images and then convert them to encrypted image format for display on copy protected web pages.

New inclusions for web page management

  • Upload and encrypt images and documents for display on web pages
  • Assign access rights to groups or individuals
  • Online page maker for creating and editing web pages
  • Automatic resizing and compression of uploaded images
  • Automatic creation of thumbnails for uploaded images
  • Create unlimited thumbnail galleries of selected pages
  • Create unlimited slideshows of selected images
  • Copy protect entire web pages including Flash and Windows movie files
  • Encrypt web pages that are unbreakable
  • Restrict access by network or IP address

JavaScript encryption can easily be reversed and once an image is decrypted from a database and delivered to a user's web browser in its original form, it will be just like any other image on a web page. Our DRM for the web encrypts an image that remains encrypted all the way to the user's web browser and cache. As long as the image is displayed on a web page, it will always be encrypted. You can see the image only because our plug-in is displaying its likeness from the protected page.

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